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Dog Skin Yeast Infection Pictures, Symptoms & Information

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Looking for dog skin yeast infection picture? A dog skin yeast infection can simply be detected simply by taking a look at your pet’s behavior. Had she or he been scratching like mad for recent days or Had you observed any black places or markings in their stomach or other areas of your dogs skin that have been not there previously? Had they been smelling a little pungent and musty within the last few days?

If so, then it’s likely that your dog is experiencing the yeast infection which may also be a sign they are experiencing an underlying condition. It’s important to handle it in early stages in order to avoid any more complications.


Yeast infections are one of the very most common yet often neglected pores and skin conditions a dog can have especially through the beginning. They are generally treated as gentle pores and skin microbe infections that will just get rid of after a matter of a few days. The problem though is based on the actual fact that yeast-based infections can spread quickly if not treated in early stages so when this happens, it may damage your dog’s pores and skin and health in ways which can’t be reversed by future treatments.

Curing this problem first can help not and then stop the spread of the fungus but will also greatly improve your pet’s health as well.

How will you spot a Dog skin yeast infection?

In most cases, taking your dog to a veterinarian is always the ultimate way to know on how to treat a yeast infection in a dog but there’s also ways that you, as the dog owner, can tell if they’re having a bout of this infection or not.

Keep in mind though that you will have to get expert advice before attempting to treat your dog for this kind of infection. Below are a few of its common symptoms:

  • Redness and scratching in the ears along with a foul smell. Among the areas where Malassezia is often found in dogs is of their ears so when you see your dog persistently scratching them, then it might be infected by yeast. You’ll also have the ability to see some kind of whitish to yellowish discharge that includes a musty smell. This will not mean though that pores and skin itchiness is as a result of yeast. Foreign items, bugs, and insect bites can also result in this kind of reaction.
  • Oily pores and skin and “dandruff”. If your dog does not normally have an greasy pores and skin and he currently has developed one, then it’s likely that they are already infected with yeast. When your dogs skin becomes overpopulated with yeast, one of the skin’s immediate reactions is to create oil in extreme quantities. The overproduction of sebaceous natural oils subsequently, causes the yeast to flourish and produce some kind of “dandruff.” You might find out more about oatmeal shampoos that are calming for your dog’s itch, so check out our article on this issue.
  • Thick, dark and scaly pores and skin. A dog that is seriously infected with skin yeast will have a dark or pigmented patch of pores and skin which can either be scaly or thick. This is because of the activities of the mycelial types of the fungi which had pass on and produced root-like spores on your dogs skin. your dogs skin will also produce a distressing smell which is yeast-like or pungent and musty.
  • Infection of pores and skin folds. Since yeast thrives on humid areas, they can probably be entirely on pores and skin folds where dampness can gather and become retained. A few of these areas are the areas between their toes, the anal area, the throat, the snout in a few breeds, and the vagina. In the event that you see your dog is often butt-scooting, it’s likely that they are yeast infected in the anal area. You may even see abnormal genital discharges if your dog is a female.
  • Changes in your pet’s behavior. If the yeast has gone in to the bloodstream, your dog may also show some behavioral symptoms. Included in these are lack of appetite, aggression, stress and anxiety, and depression.

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