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7 Shocking Facts About How To Prevent Yeast Infection

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A great number of women experience yeast infections during their lives at certain point. Many women experience recurrent yeast infection that could be very problematic for them to deal with the same painful symptoms over and over again. There are certain preventive techniques that can help you prevent yeast infection.

In order for these preventive yeast infection techniques to work, you have to practice these techniques strictly. These techniques are very easy-to-use and they don’t take a lot of time. Let’s have a look on these techniques.

Cotton Underwear

Underwear that is made of any material other than cotton such as Lycra and Nylon can trap air and create a favorable condition for yeast growth due to which you should avoid wearing underwear made of Nylon. If you are wearing pantyhose, wear cotton underwear underneath.

Wipe Out Vagina and Anus After Using Bathroom

You should keep your vaginal area dry and clean in order to prevent yeast infection. Make sure you clean your anus and vagina after using bathroom such as after urination and regular bowel movements. Yeast usually lives in the intestinal tract and it can be transferred to the vaginal area.

Avoid using Petroleum-Based Lubricants

These types of lubricants are usually used during sexual intercourse. These lubricants should be avoided because these types of lubricants can disrupt the natural balance of microorganisms inside your vagina. It is advisable to use aqua-based lubricants if the vaginal dryness is an issue during sexual intercourse.

Avoid Using Scented or Perfumed Bath Products

These types of products are harmful for the natural balance of vagina. That’s why you should avoid perfumed or scented bath products for vagina. These products can cause irritation that ultimately leads to this infection.

Eat One Cup of Yogurt

Yogurt is good for health and all individuals should eat it regularly in order to give a quick boost to their immune system. Likewise, you should consume at least one full cup of plain yogurt everyday to make your immune system stronger and to prevent yeast infection.

Stay Away from Douches

Many women love douching while being totally unaware of the fact that douching can be very harmful for their vagina. Bear in mind that vagina is self-cleaning and douches wash away the naturally occurring mucous of vagina. This way it can make your vagina an ideal place for the growth of yeast and other harmful vaginal infections.

Limit Sugar Consumption

Another very important and effective way to prevent yeast infection is limited consumption of sugar. High sugar diets increase your risk of contracting a yeast infection, especially if you are a patient of diabetes you have to be very careful with the amount of sugar that you are consuming on daily basis. The wise practice is to keep the amount of daily sugar consumption limited.

If you are following these preventive techniques, you are minimizing your risks of contracting a yeast infection. However, it is important to bear in mind that you can only reduce your risks of contracting this infection and you cannot stop this infection.

If you have got this yeast infection and you are experiencing yeast infection symptoms, you have different options to treat this infection. For example, you can use any yeast infection over-the-counter treatment or you can get consultation from your doctor for the treatment of this infection with any prescription drug.

In addition to these methods, you can use yeast infection home remedies. In any case, you should avoid self-medication if you haven’t contracted it before. It’s because self-medication, in case if you are experiencing it first time, can lead to severe consequences.

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