How To Treat A Yeast Infection

Unbelievable Facts About How To Treat A Yeast Infection

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A lot of my girlfriends keep asking me and each other if someone has found a surefire way how to treat a yeast infection. Every month, one or the other of them has gotten this infection so I decided to do some research to hopefully solve the problem once and for all.

First, these infections are a kind of condition called vaginitis that occurs because of a fungus called Candida albicans. These things live all over our bodies but during times of hormonal stress like pregnancy or menstruation, they can multiply more quickly because our acid levels are much lower than normal.

No wonder we all need to learn of a yeast infection home remedy and how to treat a yeast infection around that time of the month.

It’s not bad enough that vaginitis brings uncontrollable itching and an almost unbearable burning feeling, but other sorts of conditions that cause it aside from the said infections.

There’s bacterial vaginosis and parasitical trichomoniasis which you can get from sex (a good enough reason to wear a condom!) and I also found out that these infections don’t let up once you don’t get your period anymore. Menopause lowers your estrogen levels, which also makes you drier and more prone to identical symptoms.

A way to tell them apart is to look for a thick, whitish discharge that is a bit clumpy. But the surest way how to treat a yeast infection is to talk to your obstetrician. Then you’re sure you’re treating the right condition with the right medicines.

What’s scary about using the wrong meds is that the yeasts become more immune to OTC meds and you might need prescriptions for your next round. Usually, fungicidal creams and vaginal suppositories are all that’s needed for about a week to get rid of the infection. If you’re given oral medicines, that means your infection is probably a pretty bad case.

There are some things you can do to stop getting infected. You can cross hormone fluctuations off the list, because we can’t really do anything about our periods, menopause, or pregnancy. Getting sick is a time to be more careful since antibiotics or steroids can affect body chemistry, and oral contraceptives can, too.

But I can lose weight and control my yeast infections at the same time by going on a low-sugar diet. Yeast needs sugar to grow, right? That’s a great tip on how to treat a yeast infection!

I also learned I have to cut down on my bubble baths and not use stuff like vaginal deodorants (just a question, why would I need that?) because the chemicals they contain make the genital area less acidic. I have to get out of my exercise gear earlier so it doesn’t dry on me and I shouldn’t buy skinny jeans. What a great way how to treat yeast infections.

I guess it all boils down to good hygiene and making the right choices. I never liked using the jacuzzi in the public pool, for good reason apparently, or sharing hot tubs. I shouldn’t need scented feminine products like tampons, pads or vaginal sprays if I’m careful with my routine.

What’s great is I have an excuse to go shopping and buy myself more cute cotton underwear. How to treat a yeast infection is to avoid one in the first place.

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