How to Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection

Proven Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

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We all want a home remedies for yeast infection  – but even more than that, we all want a yeast infection cure so we never have to encounter the yeast attack again. No one would willingly go to a pharmacy and say “Hey, could you give me your best anti-fungal cream?” and risk the judgmental looks of the pharmacist or (if they’re really unlucky) a nearby customer- well, I know I wouldn’t.

Just the thought of a fungal infection is revolting to the general human being, and anyone would want to rid themselves of it without telling a soul. Lucky for them, there are quite a few tricks in the yeast infection home remedy department they can try. The effectiveness of some yeast infection remedies is amazing. Let’s have a look at some of these home remedies for yeast infection.

Here are some home remedies for yeast infections that you can try:

home remedies for yeast infectionYogurt is by far the most popular of yeast infection remedies. Why? Because it gives effective relief against yeast infection symptoms and is a great anti-fungal agent. Yogurt has bacteria known as Lactobacillus acidophilus, which also is resident of a healthy vagina. This bacterium produces hydrogen peroxide, which kills the Candida fungus, thus eliminating the yeast infection.

Yogurt can be applied topically on the vulva and into the vagina, but this may get messy. So an effective way to apply yogurt is to put some on the tip of a tampon and insert it. You could also dip the whole tampon in yogurt. To get yogurt inside in larger quantities, try using a syringe (after removing the needle!) and inject it up into the vagina. For the simplest yeast infection home remedy, yogurt is the way to go.

*Be sure however, to use plain yogurt (unsweetened) as sugar in yogurt provides food for yeast so you could end up with the opposite result and the yeast infection will not subside.

Garlic is one of yeast’s worst enemies. It is one of the most effective, best home remedies for yeast infections. It can provide instant relief from yeast infection symptoms. To use garlic, get a fresh garlic clove and peel off the top layer of dry skin. You can insert the clove directly or wrap it in thin gauze, tying a thread at the end of it to enable easy removal. The best part is you can leave it in for hours at a stretch, letting the garlic do its job. Garlic contains strong fungicidal agents so it kills the fungi effectively.

Alternatively, garlic tabs may also be used in the same way. But I’d personally suggest the natural, fresh garlic clove for a more effective yeast infection home remedy.

Oil of oregano is a potent anti-fungal herb that contains ‘carvacrol’, which is its active constituent. This is used internally to kill the growing yeast. It can simply be used to assist in one of the better ways around some yeast infection remedies.

Pro-biotics are live bacterial organisms that inhibit the growth of harmful fungi like Candida albicans. They are naturally present in the digestive system and also in the vagina. Natural supplements of pro-biotics are helpful in being one of the good home remedies for yeast infections; they are available as vaginal suppositories and oral supplements.

Water is a secret remedy for almost all health problems. It is great in reducing the likelihood for contracting a yeast infection, as the more water you drink, the more toxins and sugars you flush out of your system through urinating. Drinking plenty of water also keeps pH of urine in check. Water would definitely aid in the yeast infection home remedy regime.

Apple-cider vinegar (with the mother) can be used internally and externally, though it will burn a lot. So the best way to use it is to add a cup of it into a warm bath and bathe in it. It provides excellent relief and is very soothing, but only temporarily. Beware- do not use white plain vinegar, as it actually feeds the yeast instead of killing it!

Tea tree oil is apparently widely used as one the high suggested home remedies for yeast infections, but I haven’t personally tried it. The way to apply it is to take off the top part of a tampon, cover it with a lubricant and put the tea-tree oil over it before inserting it.

Potassium sorbate is a strong fungicidal agent that is used in brewing beer. Add a tablespoon of it to a cup of water and absorb it into a tampon, then insert it and leave it over night. Continue this for a few days till symptoms regress.

have the special power of preventing the adherence of fungi to the urinary tract walls. It also controls the pH of urine, stopping the yeast from growing as urine passes through that area. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice along with other yeast infection remedies helps in fighting the yeast infection.

Gentian violet has very strong anti-fungal properties and is very useful as a yeast infection home remedy. Get the 1% gentian violet solution without alcohol content. Other names for it are crystal violet, pararosaniline chloride or methyl violet. Dip a cotton swab or simple cotton in the gentian violet solution and apply it to the affected area twice daily. If possible, try to leave the area open to air. My advice is to wear a pad when applying it to the vagina as it heavily stains clothing.

In all these home remedies for yeast infection, I hope you find a few that suit you well and effectively give you relief from your infection!

Things to Avoid

Diet is extremely important in preventing yeast infections. Don’t eat a lot of yeast breads, carbohydrate-rich food, or drink lots of beer. As they all have a high of level yeast that can definitely take over and cause a yeast infection. One more extremely important rule – drink a lot of water! Water helps keep your body clean as it helps to detoxify your blood, flushing out all its toxins, maintains its pH and the more water you drink, the more dilute your urine will be. Needless to say, water has immense benefits for the body, in addition to helping prevent yeast infections. Water itself if one of the best aids in home remedies for yeast infection if the infection is very mild.

Change out of your wet bathing suit right after swimming or partying at the beach. Keep your underwear as dry as possible and try to wear those that have a cotton lining. Sadly for the ladies who love to wear thongs or G-strings, those won’t do them any favors. They keep the airflow around the vagina blocked thus inviting yeast to grow and cause an infection. In general, just avoid wearing tight clothing for prolonged periods of time!

Birth control causes hormonal changes that may trigger a yeast infection or aggravate one if it is already present. So avoid taking them. Pregnancy may also induce a yeast infection due to hormonal changes. This is most important and might not be a yeast infection home remedy but is a good guide to the damage chemicals can make to your body.

Anti-biotics are one the leading causes for yeast infections so avoid taking strong anti-biotics or leaving the course once you have started with it.

Douching greatly disturbs the natural vaginal environment so don’t make the mistake of doing so – it’s always better to avoid it. This is a terrible thing to confuse as a yeast infection home remedy.

These are all home remedies for yeast infections that you can try, hopefully it has been helpful. I’d like to mention here again, these methods may remove your symptoms and treat the yeast infection but they will not cure it. I personally advise following the holistic curing system to cure your yeast infection completely, as it worked wonders for me and will give you permanent relief from ever having a yeast infection again – more effectively than a yeast infection home remedy.

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