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Skin Yeast Infection – Ridding Yourself of the Infection

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The fungus that is responsible for yeast infections is known as Candida. The most common manifestation of an over-abundance of Candida is a skin yeast infection. When this fungus is at a normal level in the body, there is no problem, but when it begins multiplying, the trouble starts.

Many factors lead to people contracting the infection, which is possibly why 20% to 50% of otherwise healthy women contract the condition sometime during their lives. Some of these factors include the use of birth control pills, steroids and antibiotics. In all these cases, hormone levels are being changed, which causes an imbalance of bacteria in the body.

Other factors are poor hygiene and lack of ventilation to the area that becomes infected, most commonly the mouth and pubic region. Fungi thrive in dark and warm places, which act like the perfect garden for them to grow. Another reason that people contract yeast infections is from eating a diet high in sugar. This is also why those with diabetes are more likely than some others to get yeast infections. Sugar acts like the food in the soil, giving the yeast something to feed off of.

The good news after learning about everything that can cause skin yeast infections is that are also many ways to treat it. It is a good idea to have your doctor verify your condition so you can be sure you are treating it correctly. Women who seem to have symptoms of vaginal yeast infections but begin showing other signs like fever and vomiting should be absolutely sure to meet with their doctor as these are signs of other more serious conditions like kidney infection or appendicitis.

Once you have your condition confirmed, you can begin skin yeast infections treatment. Your doctor may recommend certain medications or creams to treat your skin yeast infection. If you choose to take this route, be sure to use everything as directed. Even if your skin yeast infection symptoms appear to be clearing up, use the products for the duration of the period to be certain you eliminate the possibility of it simply returning.

As you strive to get nearer to recovery, make certain that you clean the area gently but thoroughly each time you use the restroom. Keeping the area as clean as possible will help the problem to improve quicker. Other than taking your medicines and applying cream as recommended, you can also improve your diet to help eradicate the infection.

Yogurt that has not been sweetened is great for returning normal levels of bacteria to your body. Green vegetables will also help perk up your immune system and rid your body of the infection.

As you treat your skin yeast infections, consider what brought it on in the first place. If you were taking antibiotics, they could be the culprit, in which case you should seek alternatives that will sit better with your body.

You may have had poor hygiene habits that need improving. Whatever the issue, if you treat your skin yeast infections thoroughly and take care of yourself, you can decrease the chances of getting it again.

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