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Things Nobody Told You About Swimmers Ear Treatment

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An ear yeast infection is commonly referred to as “swimmer’s ear”. The thing is though; anyone can get one of these infections and you certainly don’t need to be a swimmer to do so. See more ideas about swimmers ear treatment and swimmers ear remedies.

Yeast infections of the ear are fairly common amongst the swimming and non-swimming population. So how did they end up with this nickname? Simply because this ear infection is often brought on as a result of moisture in the ear.

We all have Candida Albicans, the fungus that causes yeast in our bodies and it’s perfectly healthy. It is when an overgrowth of this fungus occurs that you end up with a yeast infection.

Yeast thrives best in an environment that is warm and damp, so when moisture gets trapped in the ear and the conditions are just right, the yeast will grow and cause the infection. Sometimes though, an ear infection can happen as the result of Candida in the throat and nose as they are all connected.

Is it A Swimmers Ear or Some Other Ear Infection?

How does one know if their ear infection is being caused by yeast? Often it’s a matter of having an ear infection that persists or gets worse after a round of antibiotics. This is because an ear yeast infection will not only respond to antibiotic treatment but also gets worse because antibiotics rob you of the good bacteria that helps your body fight off the fungus that causes yeast infections in the first place.

If you or your child suffers from chronic ear infections than it may be time to consider an ear yeast infection as the culprit for your symptoms. And these symptoms commonly include: Ear pain, whitish discharge, itching, redness, and in some cases a white foam-like substance coming from the ear canal. For some people this infection can also be accompanied by a low grade fever.

Best Swimmers Ear Treatment

If you got swimmers ear it was caused by yeast then you need to consider treatments other than antibiotics so that you can get better and not make matters even worse along the way. Homeopathic remedies for yeast infection  are a great choice for swimmers ear treatment caused by yeast because homeopathy is based on making your body function better in order to prevent illness.

This means that instead of getting a temporary fix from your symptoms you are instead tackling the issue at the root so that you can be cured.

To cure the yeast infection naturally you can turn to products that contain natural antifungal properties such as tea tree oil or garlic oil. These are safe to be used in and around the ear and was the best natural swimmers ear treatment to relieve the symptoms of an swimmers ear while also curing the infection.

You can also increase your body’s good bacteria so that it works better to fight off any excess yeast overgrowth in the body. You can do this using acidophilus supplements and adding a natural active culture yogurt to your daily diet while also eliminating the foods that are high in yeast, such as breads, sweets, and beer.

To help prevent future swimmers ear while also curing your current infection; keep your ears as well as the rest of your skin clean and dry so that yeast doesn’t have anywhere to breed out of control.

Remember to wash your hands before and after touching the affected area. And, doing your best to keep your immune system strong is also a must.

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