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Treatment For Yeast Infection – Permanent Solutions From the Medieval Ages

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Yeast Infections – Prevention & Cure

Yeast infection is one of the most common infections which women suffer, and it feels so uncomfortable and irritating when, as a result, there is a sense of dampness in venereal area. The consistent foul smell and the permanent feeling of irritation in the genital areas render the situation highly awkward and embarrassing for the sufferer. Consequently, women feel hesitant and embarrassed to share it with even the doctors. Despite the many treatment for yeast infection and medications available in the market, no particular drug has given effective results.

Vaginal Douching – Treatment For Yeast Infections

The word Douching means to wash or soak with a water stream. A stream of water mixed with medicated agents is used to rinse and clean the vagina. This is the primordial method used by women to treat vagina yeast infection.

The medicinal agents used with water are available over the counter or on a physicians prescription. Douching is effective in clearing the vaginal odor or infection temporarily, but infection can recur after some time.

Avoid Over The Counter Medications

When a woman is suffering from a yeast infection, she runs out to the pharmacist in order to get some fast relief, by taking some over-the-counter medications available in the market. Pharmacists have no information about the severity of the infection or its root cause, and give over the counter medication, which may or may not give any relief. At this stage, it would be better to go to a specialist.

Consulting The Gynecologist

Consistent with the general opinion that no drug can give a permanent relief from yeast infection and that using our own methods may backfire and worsen the infection, consulting a gynecologist for the treatment of infection is a must. Today no medication can cure yeast infection completely. Consulting a specialist is always a better option then to use over the counter medicines, because the gynecologist knows how severe your infection is and can prescribe a better alternative to the medications available in the market.

Identifying The Root Cause

One should watch closely the factors which lead to the yeast infection. It is a well known fact that fungus grow rapidly in the moist and humid areas, and one should keep the genital and vaginal areas clean and dry as much as possible. Truly said, prevention is always better than cure.

Natural Remedies For Yeast Infection

Before the generic medicines came into existence, women adopted natural agents to cure yeast infection. The natural or alternative cure is more beneficial as it has no side effects. Curing by this means is rather slow but this treatment for yeast infection consistently proves to be a more reliable and safe method for the treatment of yeast infections.

Try Yogurt To Treat Yeast infection

Yogurt contains good bacteria which increase the immunity to fight with and control Candida Albicans. It is better to take yogurt orally then to apply it on the effected area on a tampon as it proves to be more efficient to treat the infection.

The other agents which can be used to treat the infection are garlic and tea tree oil. Natural remedies have always an edge over the antibiotics, as they are healthy for the immune system and have no side effects

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