Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Yeast Infection During Pregnancy : What Should You Know?

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Having a yeast infection during pregnancy is not very comfortable.

If you are pregnant and have yeast infection, what should your concerns be?

There are treatments for yeast infections, or thrush, that can be used during pregnancy. If you have a yeast infection during pregnancy, and are not treated for it, you could pass that on to your unborn child during delivery.


Most commonly, though, the problems of giving your child this infection are more likely to occur once the child is born and breastfeeding.

For those concerned about chemical cures for yeast infection during pregnancy for thrush, consider using natural cures for yeast infections instead. These natural cure yeast infection tools are designed to be effective, but safe to use.

You should still consult with your doctor prior to taking any especially if this is your first yeast infection.

The treatment of yeast infection during pregnancy should be considered closely by anyone. Medication treatments for yeast infections can be used, if used properly and only when they are approved for use during pregnancy. Nystatin is one option that may be used but only during the first trimester.

Natural remedies for thrush are often a better option, such as consuming plain yogurt (non heat treated) without any added sugar or with using a variety of products like a witch hazel compress. This can help to soothe the symptoms you feel as well.

After Baby Is Born

One of the main considerations many have when it comes to yeast infections during pregnancy should be passing it on to the child after birth. The risks of passing it on during birth are there, especially if no treatment has been administered, though it is likely that the child will still avoid it.

Another instance when it is passed on to baby is during breastfeeding. A woman that has thrush on her nipples can easily give this to baby when the child is breastfeeding. Also, many babies and toddlers who wear diapers are able to develop a form of yeast infection in their diaper region. This is simply because the conditions are ideal for the yeast infection to develop.

The good news is that there are treatments for yeast infections of all types, including those found in babies. Antifungal creams are available to provide relief for children suffering from the condition.

For those who may be unsure if they have a yeast infection, spot the symptoms before obtaining any type of cure for yeast infections. For example, most often symptoms including a thick, white discharge from the vaginal area that is itchy and red. If you have, these symptoms let your doctor know before treating the condition.

There are many risks for women who are pregnant and thrush is one of them. Thrush is mostly treatable and is something that leaves no lasting problem for the child. Learn how to cure yeast infections that happen during pregnancy properly.

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