Yeast Infection Pictures

Yeast Infection Pictures – What Do A Yeast Infection Look Like On The Skin

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Here are some of the yeast infections pictures in different areas of the body, which show what a yeast infection could look like.

This is yeast infection pictures of very serious form of yeast infection and is called the gastrointestinal candidiasis.

Yeast infection pictures on how yeast infection appears on the tongue.

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Yeast infection pictures of a diagram of vaginal yeast infection in women. vaginal yeast infection

Yeast infection pictures how yeast infection appears under the breasts and on the surface of other areas of the body.

yeast infection under the breast

Yeast infection is commonly a vaginal infection which occurs when bacteria naturally present in the vagina called yeast begins to multiply and cause fungal infection termed as Candida albicans. But vagina is not the only area of the body where these fungi get accumulated.

Other parts which could possibly get infected with yeast infection include the tongue, mouth, under arms, lower abdomen, areas under the breasts, and nails. These fungi usually affect moist and warm parts of the body which usually get sweaty.

Other than in women, yeast infection could also be found in men and infants. Babies usually get affected with this infection in diaper areas or areas around the mouth. Also sometimes these infections start to grow with age and could affect areas like under arms, lower abdomen, nail etc. in aged people.

Though our body’s mechanism is designed in such a way that it automatically checks the movement and penetration of yeast in several parts but sometimes cuts or bruises in the skin could hamper the functionality of this particular mechanism.

One of the reasons for occurrence of yeast infection could be hormonal changes. These changes usually take place during pregnancy or before the menstruation cycle. Such hormonal changes usually do not persist for long and balance is attained once the cycle or duration is over. But other hormonal imbalances could occur due to certain diseases or illnesses which could possible go worse with time and must be treated.

Besides this, people who have a weak immune system are more prone to getting yeast infections. People affected with grave diseases like AIDS, cancer, diabetes etc. have weak immune systems due to strong medications and treatments.

Due to this their bodies are unable to resist the spread of undesirable bacteria and growth of fungus throughout the body including sensitive organs like lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. This growth of fungus in various areas could lead to the fatal candid disease.

Also drug addicts who use unhygienic needles to inject drugs into their bloodstream get affected with yeast infection more frequently. Another common reason for yeast infection in women is tight clothing and panties. By wearing tightly fitted clothes, you stop the air going into the vagina which is necessary to keep the bacteria count balanced. Also it is preferable to wear soft materials like cotton and avoid silks and satins as they again block the access of air.

The yeast infection can usually be easily treated by adopting a number of natural home remedies or through medication but it could also possibly develop into a fatal disease known as systemic candidal disease. Besides this, continuously or repeatedly occuring yeast infections could possibly be an indicator of worrisome and fatal diseases like diabetes, AIDS as well as Lukemia.

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