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Yeast Infection Prevention Diet – Foods to Eat and Avoid

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A person’s chance of developing a yeast infection is significantly affected by their diet, doctors agree. There are certain yeast infection prevention diet, which have more chance of facilitating the conditions in the body, which allow the Candida Albicans organism to proliferate and unbalance the natural bacterial flora of the body.

Yeast Infection Prevention Diet – Foods to Avoid

If yeast infection is something that troubles you, there are a number of foods, which are not recommended. These include dairy products made from cows milk, this is because these encourage heavy mucus and take relatively long to digest. A yeast infection can be encouraged by mucus build up and slow digestion. Large amounts of any dairy food is not a good idea but goats milk products are better than cows milk in this respect.

You might use oil for cooking and you should make sure you use olive oil instead of hydrogenated fat. Olive oil is much healthier and hydrogenated fat should be cut from the diet. For carbohydrates, yeast-free bread and non-gluten grains are the way to go. White flour and white rice should be dropped from the diet, along with foods made from them.

Obviously, foods high in yeast are to be avoided as they will feed the infection. Foods such as vinegar, beer, mushrooms, dried fruit. Beer is particularly bad as it also contains alcohol, which should be avoided. The amount of alcohol should be reduced because it is known to encourage the growth of Candida.

It is very important to stay away from refined sugar as much as possible. Sucrose is the perfect energy source for a yeast infection and will feed and stimulate growth.

Yeast Infection Prevention Diet Foods to Eat

Your diet should be similar to this if you have already developed a yeast infection and are looking to cure it. The plan should be to starve the fungus and so avoid all foods, which would provide any nourishment for it. It is best to stay away from simple carbs, such as processed grains and sugars.

Fresh vegetables should be eaten in abundance, as these contain complex carbohydrates. These are helpful in other ways as well because the yeast dying off releases poisons, which are then absorbed by parts from the vegetables.

As you can tell there are many ideas, products and cures available for infections yeast related. To take care of yeast infections successfully you may even need to consider products available on this page additionally, on our homepage, even more so if any of the free methods happen to be tried and not to work. This is a treatable problem, and the only thing that’s in the way of disposing of candidiasis is determine the best treatment which you may use and put to get results.

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